Video: Deafblind Boy’s Friends Construct Mini Field to Follow World Cup Game

A group of friends got together and produced the best “feel good” moment of the World Cup thus far.

Carlos, a young boy, is deafblind, and wanted to support Brazil in the tournament. And two of his friends, Hélio Fonseca de Araujo and Regiane Pereira, wanted him to experience the excitement surrounding the World Cup.

The two friends went to work and built a mini pitch to model the play on the field. It was equipped with bumpy line markings and two goals so Carlos could feel out and follow the action that took place during the game.

During last Thursday’s Brazil-Croatia match, Regiane mapped out the game’s events by drawing on Carlos’ back. And simultaneously, Hélio used signs and guided Carlos’ fingers along the mini pitch they created to illustrate the action as it took place.

And when Brazil scored its first goal, Regiane even blew a vuvuzela into Carlos’ back.

Watch the video—and please, like it on Youtube to voice your support. What the two friends did was truly awesome. So let’s give them the recognition they deserve.

(H/T: Deadspin)

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