Video: Billy Hamilton Evades Tag with Tricky Fake-Out

Reds OF Billy Hamilton has impressed many during his rookie campaign.

He’s accumulated 37 stolen bases and has a .742 OPS this year. When he gets on base, he’s a force to be reckoned with. And in Friday’s Pirates-Reds game, he illustrated how he can create something out of nothing.

Hamilton led off for the Reds during the bottom of the first inning. And he utilized his speed and ingenuity to lay down a solid bunt. Pirates first baseman Gaby Sanchez fielded it, sprinted toward Hamilton and was in position to beat him to the bag.

But Hamilton juked him out of his shorts, and Sanchez missed the tag. Hamilton would end up scoring the first run of the game during the next at-bat, as Zack Kozart doubled to bring him in.

When Hamilton gets on base, he makes things happen.


Matt Birch

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