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Video: Vin Scully Talks About How A Bird Affected Mike Matheny’s Career and Personal Life

Vin Scully has seen it all in his 65 seasons with the Dodgers organization. And during Thursday’s Dodgers-Cardinals game, he shared a unique story about how St. Louis manager Mike Matheny’s career took off.

He talked about an 18-year-old Matheny, who was on the fence as to whether he wanted to pursue a degree at the University of Michigan or attempt a career in Major League Baseball. The Toronto Blue Jays had drafted him in the 31st round of the 1988 MLB Draft, but one particular bird helped him realize that he should stay in school and put his education first. He was later drafted by the Milwaukee Brewers in 1991.

Watch the video for the full story, and be entertained by the best broadcaster of all-time.

He also spoke about how the incident is connected to Matheny’s current wife, Kristin. Small world, eh?

No one can tell a story like Scully can. I’d listen to him talk about the last time he watched paint dry if given the opportunity.


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