320-lb Jared Lorenzen Suffers Ankle Injury, Carried Off Field by Four Teammates

It’s been nearly a decade since former Giants QB Jared Lorenzen first entered the NFL as a member of the New York Giants.

He’s since put on some weight, and the 320-lb giant is now a member of the Northern Kentucky River Monsters (Continental Indoor Football League).

On Sunday, during his second game with the River Monsters, he took off while scrambling, and after a quick pump-fake, sustained a low hit and fell on his ankle. He was carried off the field by four teammates, as pictured below (via @SRHoskins84).

Gotta feel for Lorenzen. Football is a grueling, physical game as is, and it’s a bit tough to fall gracefully when you’re over 300 pounds. At the same time, I wouldn’t want to be a defender standing in his way. It’s not fun to be truck-sticked.

Matt Birch

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