PHOTO: Tim Tebow Makes a Jeopardy Appearance—As a Question


While his stint in the NFL did feature some breathtaking moments late in the fourth quarters of games, Tim Tebow will probably never take a snap from behind center at the pro level again.

But that doesn’t mean he’s not relevant! He made an appearance on Jeopardy this evening.

And the answer was “Tim Tebow.”

The question? Well, Tebow should be happy he was credited with completing an 80-yard touchdown pass, when 60+ of the yards came after the catch. The Steelers played Cover-0, Ike Taylor was caught flat-footed and Demaryius Thomas showcased his straight-line speed and did what he does best.

This play was the high-point of Tebow’s NFL career. And tonight, he cashed in.

(H/T: @Xmasape)

Matt Birch

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