CB Darrelle Revis Agrees To 1-Year, $12 Million Deal with New England Patriots


Shutdown CB Darrelle Revis is returning to the AFC East. But this time, he won’t be sporting the green and white. After some epic battles matched up against the likes of Randy Moss and Wes Welker in the past, he’s now jumped ship and will be a Foxboro friend, rather than an enemy.

The All-Pro clearly still has a bad taste in his mouth dating back to when Jets GM John Idzik replaced Mike Tannenbaum and traded him to the Buccaneers , and he’s now sticking it to his former team by signing with their division rival. Although he’s doing it on a 1-year rental, as New England, Tom Brady and Bill Belichick attempt to put together one final Super Bowl run.

Out with the old, in with the new. Former Patriots CB Aqib Talib signed a six-year deal with the Broncos yesterday, which netted him $23 million guaranteed. Landing Revis for a season at half that price is a pretty solid return on investment, assuming he stays healthy. Especially since he was due to make $16 million in 2014 with Tampa Bay. He could’ve attained more than $12 million had he hit the open market, but opted to take less to play for the Patriots.

Looking at the two cornerbacks, as far as production goes, Pro Football Focus did an excellent job comparing Revis and Talib in the table posted below:


We have to wonder about Revis’ thought process, and really question how long this move has been in the works. Revis has a big ego, and he was very upset at how the new regime handled his situation two years ago. Tannenbaum had no problem bending over backward and playing ball with his camp. But Idzik is a no-nonsense guy, and doesn’t like to pay more than what he feels a player is worth. As such, Revis was traded to Tampa Bay for two draft picks—one of which landed talented DT Sheldon Richardson, and the other produced a conditional fourth-round pick in this year’s affair.

The fact remains, he wasn’t happy about the trade as he felt betrayed by the Jets. And now he’s sticking it to them in the worst way.  He’s missed 17 games in his entire career, and 14 of those came after he tore his ACL in 2012.

For another theory on why Revis chose New England, the Associated Press’ Mario Prosperino weighed in with his thoughts:

It’s a win-win deal for both, but the real winner here is Revis. After this season, he’ll have accumulated $28 million over the past two seasons, and both were one-year deals which gives him the flexibility to decide what he wants to do after the season concludes. While we don’t know if there’s a franchise tag option or not for 2015, SI’s Greg Bedard estimates it would be somewhere around $14.4 million.

Revis Island is, once again, open for business.

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